Not moving the Kings to Seattle, Doesn’t make sense!!

From 2000-2007 the Sacramento Kings averaged 17,317 fans per game. All of them were sellout games.

In 2012-13 the Kings averaged 13,749 fans per game. DEAD LAST.

If you can’t fill a 17,000 seat arena, how do you expect to fill a newer, larger one?

No one cared about them moving until they got a former NBA player as their mayor in Kevin Johnson.  If Johnson would give as much passion into fixing his city as he is into keeping the Kings, then maybe the Maloof family wouldn’t be trying to sell them in the first place.

Seattle has a way better economy than Sacramento and they offered way more money for the franchise, an NBA record $550 million… raised to $625 million on May 10, 2013. Seattle also has a better plan for an arena as well.

Clay Bennett is in David Sterns’ pocket. I cannot wait for David Stern to retire.

The NBA was waaaaay better in the 1980-90s.


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