The NBA screws Seattle…. AGAIN!!!

On Monday, twelve NBA owners unanimously decided that it was in the League’s best interest that the Kings remain in Sacramento, instead of relocating to Seattle to revive the Supersonics franchise, which moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.  One of the owners that voted against the relocation of the Kings was Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett, who bought the Seattle Supersonics in 2007 with all the intention of moving them to Oklahoma.


This whole thing stinks to high heaven.  This is one reason why I choose not to follow the NBA anymore.  The Association has not been good since 1998.  When the Chicago Bulls dynasty broke up after their sixth championship in eight years, the NBA took a free fall.


A Seattle relocation team lead by investor Chris Hansen, had offered to by the Sacramento Kings for an NBA record $550 million on April 12, 2013.  Sacramento countered with a much smaller offer.  Both cities have new arena deals in place.


Seattle is ready to have the Sonics back.  Seattle’s economy is thriving while Sacramento’s is disarray.  I agree with Sports Illustrated and I think that this is not the right decision.


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