The Gun Issue

I have no problem with people owning guns at all. My issue is : How do these guns get in the hands of criminals? How do we fix that? I know a lot of people think the second amendment should be the first amendment. They think that their freedom to own a gun, is more important that our freedom to speak against it. To me, that’s a little out there. 

This is an issue, where no one is going to be happy. But, it is also an issue that needs to be met in the middle. President Obama is not trying to take away our guns. He’s just trying to make sure we know where they are and who is buying them. It terrifies me to think that just anyone can go to a gun show and buy a gun without a background check.

Banning assault weapons might be pushing too much. But, who needs a 30 round clip, seriously? Maybe if Canada attacks or something. There are law abiding citizens who own guns who are upset. But, sometimes you need to sacrifice something. Twenty-Six families in Newtown, Connecticut sacrificed a lot more than anyone else.


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