I have had the privilege to travel around the country  exploring different cultures and meeting and working with people from many different backgrounds. While traveling I develop strong communication skills, the ability to relate to a wide variety of people and to tell the story from a fresh perspective. My favorite topics are sports, pop culture and current events.

I’ve loved sports since I was kid and my grandma and I used to watch  baseball together.  We were especially big fans of the Houston Astros (a relative played for them). During my travels I have attended sporting events in every corner of the globe. I’ve been to 25 Major League Baseball venues, new and old.  I’ve been to 15 football venues as well.  I would love to visit every professional sports venue in the United States.

My experiences have made me a keen observer of the world. I am a man of rarely filtered strong opinion who tends to take a leadership role, which I believe makes me a perfect candidate for GM of the Seattle Seahawks. Since that job is taken I am currently pursuing a career in Media Broadcasting and Media Production: a place where my gift of gab and know it all attitude can be put to good use.

I am currently the producer of “Live With The Fish from 3 to 5”, Jeff Aaron at Fox Sports Radio KRKO 1380-AM in Everett, Washington.

Josh Coffee





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